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The Master's Program in Agronomy, with a focus on Systems for Sustainable Agricultural Production, aims to develop agricultural production integrating environmental aspects.
The main objectives are to promote knowledge, professional qualification for research, education and rural extension, as well as the technical capacity of skilled labor needed for the development of agriculture and livestock in a sustainable way. Environmental issues are evaluated through the use of geo-technologies, in order to support fast and embracing environmental diagnosis, according to the ecological bases of the current legislation. This way the program wants to mitigate the sustainable agricultural activity and recover degraded areas.
This postgraduate program is made up of seventeen doctoral and postdoctoral professors, permanent members of this University, with full-time job, developing their activities according to the following lines of research: “Sustainable Agricultural Production” and “Phytosanitary”.


Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Oriel Tiago Kölln

Vice- coordinator: Prof. Dr. Petronio Pinheiro Porto 

Mandato: 1/9/2021 a 31/08/2025

Secretary: Sônia Regina Torres Fronteli