Name of the Program
Graduation Program in Teaching (Professional Master in Teaching)



The Professional Master's in teaching is a course with classroom instruction, granting the title of Master in teaching to students who complete the activities provided for under these rules. It is offered by the Center of Humanities and Education (CCHE) at Universidade Estadual do Norte do Paraná (UENP), in Cornélio Procópio Campus.



From the creation of Universidade Estadual do Norte do Paraná (UENP), in 2006, emerged the perspective of strengthening in the area of Education in this Institution, which offers teaching undergraduate courses in its three campuses. Since the integration of the isolated State Faculties of Northern Paraná, their transformation into UENP and the hiring of new faculty, interdisciplinary dialogs have been established in the direction of thinking the creation of a stricto sensu training program based on the regional demands of teacher’s qualification of both Basic and Higher Education.

In this sense, professors from Biological Sciences and Mathematics from the Center of Humanities and Education (CCHE), from Cornélio Procópio campus (CCP), proposed the creation of the Graduate Program in Teaching (PPGEN) - Professional Master, an interdisciplinary proposal for teacher training which was approved on 29 October 2015 by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES/MEC) confirmed in the 160th Meeting of the Scientific Technical Council of Higher Education (CTC-ES).

The area of "teaching" was constituted by decision of the Superior Council of the CAPES in 2011 and it is inserted into the large Multidisciplinary area. It was nucleated in the ancient area of Teaching of Science and Mathematics, which saves the main references for the organization and evaluation of the Graduate Programs in Brazil. With a tradition of a decade and a half, these programs operate mainly in research and in didactic-pedagogical productions based on the teaching of specific contents, promoting interlocutions among these contents and the pedagogical knowledge requirements for their teaching.

In this context, the PPGEN/UENP was configured with the commitment to promote further approximation between the academy and the professional context of teaching, whose didactic-pedagogical needs face constant transformation, aimed at the qualification of professionals who can contribute to the improvement of the processes of teaching and learning in different educational levels. This approach includes considering the participation of students from or not of teaching undergraduate courses. This is justified by the fact that many teachers and students are interested by teaching in professional technical courses, requiring more didactic-pedagogical training. In addition, it is evident that such courses belong to Basic Education and have their offer increasingly encouraged by public policies.

Finally, the Graduate Program in Teaching is presented as an important component of vertical integration for UENP, achieving local, reginal and national demands of teacher training and providing, through directed research, multi and interdisciplinary dialogues between the university and the classrooms, in order to promote reflective, critical and innovative training of teaching professionals.



Prof. Dr. Rudolph dos Santos Gomes Pereira


Prof. Dr. Lucken Bueno Lucas


Thaynara Aparecida Machado

Coordinating committee

Profa. Dra. Priscila Caroza Frasson Costa

Prof. Dr. Daniel Trevisan Sanzovo


Profa. Dra. Simone Luccas

Profa. Dra. Marília Bazan Blanco

Student representative

Dieicon Cristhian da Silva (7ª turma)