Main Objective

Qualify professionals to serve as teachers in the different levels of education (Basic and Higher Education), through the development of research and pedagogical proposals geared to teaching practice in different areas of knowledge, including formal and non-formal learning spaces.


Specific Objectives

Developing ideas about the processes of teaching and learning that result in the development of pedagogical proposals that would assist teachers in their training/professional performance;

Encouraging the establishment of relations among the knowledge from different areas, so as to promote philosophical, historical and sociological debates regarding the role and the application of scientific knowledge in the current different social settings, in order to improve the living conditions of the people;

Contributing to the teaching and learning of the various knowledge, to investigation and reflection on the epistemological, social and cultural foundations of scientific knowledge in the professional teaching;

Investigating the use of technologies and several didactic materials (texts, equipment, experiments, didactic sequences, games, videos and software), as well as Information and Communication Technologies (TIC) in the processes of teaching and learning;

Analyzing the teaching practice in relation to the management of class, content and the learning of the teaching, considering the complexity and interdisciplinary aspects of the educational context.