The Graduate Program in Teaching (PPGEN) is set on an area of concentration and two research lines, which are characterized by the type of scientific production presented by professors who belong to the teaching staff.


Concentration Area: Teaching, Science and Technology.

Research line 1: Teaching and Learning in Natural Sciences and Mathematics: It covers the processes of teaching and learning in Natural Sciences and Mathematics, its historical and philosophical foundations and its relationship with school education. In the context of both formal and non-formal teaching, it investigates the theoretical and methodological foundations of the teaching and learning processes and the assessment modalities and tools. The research must enable the development and use of didactic and media materials that contribute to the educational practice in favor of effective learning of the scientific content.

Research line 2: Teacher Training, Technological Resources and Languages: Prioritizes studies directed to teacher education. They are considered the fundamental knowledge of the teaching practice, as the methodological approaches of teaching, the specific didactic, the assessment modalities and tools, the epistemic and didactic-pedagogical development of the classes, class and scientific content management and the practices of everyday schooling. These include the forms of languages present in the educational processes, as well as studies of reading, writing, scientific and technological literacy, distance education, digital inclusion and network learning with emphasis on communication, interaction and mediation processes.